Naseema Lubano Rape Case

Naseema Lubano Rape Case

Rape Case – Cr.Aq.Ap No. 161 of 2014 [Naseema Lubano & Anothers V/s. State& Others]

Naseema Lubano was abducted, beaten, stripped naked and raped in public view at the hands of twelve accused persons in Ubaro, District Gothki, Sindh. The victim lodged an FIR against the accused under the offence of gang rape. Whilst three of the aforementioned accused absconded, the trial against the remaining accused proceeded, based on the aforementioned F.I.R. whereas, one of the accused died during the pendency of the case.

In view of grave threats leveled against the victim and her family they were forced to flee from their village in Goth Habib Lubano to the city of Karachi. Subsequently, the victim filed a Criminal Transfer Application before the Honourable High Court of Sindh, which allowed the Application and transferred the case to the Learned Court of District & Sessions Judge, Karachi (South).

Through Judgment dated January 23rd, 2010, one of the main accused was convicted whereas, the remaining other accused persons were acquitted, being aggrieved by the aforementioned judgment the victim filed a Criminal Acquittal Application.This Criminal Acquittal Appeal No. 161 of 2014 is currently pending adjudication before the Honourable High Court of Sindh.

The following documents are available for viewing online:

  1. Memo of Criminal Acquittal Appeal